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Cooper Trooper!  by ThePokemonTeller Cooper Trooper! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 8 6
High School Wedgie Ch. 8
Anna knocks on the door of Nathan's house, she is greeted by a strange sight him in his underwear in a star wars shirt. "Hey, Anna!"
She blushes and raises a brow in confusion, "Hey Nathan..." She looks at him, "why aren't you wearing any pants?"
"Oh Sorry, when I'm at home I tend not to wear pants."
"Well, I guess that would make sense."
She walks into his house,
"Is you friend here already, Nathan? I'd like to meet them."
"Yeah, he's in the living room!"
"Is he wearing no pants, as well?"
She lets him lead her to the living room to meet his friend.
"Yeah, his name is Wyatt! Let me introduce him to you!"
She laughed and spotted another boy sitting on Nathan's couch, "Hi... I'm Anna..."
"Hey, I'm Wyatt! What so funny?"
"I apparently didn't get the memo of no pants to this little get-together." She snickered.
Nathan was embarrassed, "Oh My Bad, we try to get as comfortable as we can. Make yourself at home!"
She smiled at him, "Oh it's fine, Nathan! Comfort is important but I am going to
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 8 4
Mascot Gone Digital! by ThePokemonTeller Mascot Gone Digital! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 15 21 At Least You Have A Jacket by ThePokemonTeller At Least You Have A Jacket :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 23 8
High School Wedgie Ch. 7
Nathan was strolling in the park when he spots girl on a bench, he sits down peer over at her, the girl had dark curly hair. She was outfitted with a shirt that read star wars in bold letters covering her jeans, she was reading one of her favorite Star Wars comic. Not paying attention to her surroundings, including the person who spotted her saggy jeans.
"Oh Hey, You like star wars?"
"Yeah I'm pretty into Star Wars. It's my favorite. Who are you? I’m Anna!"
"I’m Nathan! Really, are you ready for Episode 8?"
"Oh yeah! It looks so good!"
"Wanna see it together?"
She blushed, smiling at Nathan.
"Sure I'd love t--"
She was interrupted by someone laughing over at them. A Bully stood cackling at the dorks. Anna blushed and scooted closer to Nathan,
"Are the dorks in love?"
"G-Go away!"
"What's the matter Anna? Are you scared of having love?"
"No! I just don't want you here!"
“Let's have some fun!”
She went to stand, taking Nathan's hand to get him to come with h
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 17 2
High School Wedgie Ch.6
So Wyatt and Nathan just arrived at Lexi's house! Lexi opens door, she was in sweat pants and black slippers. Wyatt smiles seeing where the former bully lives.
“Hey Lex, ready for the sleepover!?
“Yeah come on in guys!
Wyatt and Nathan walk into her house, seeing a pile of very girly panties on the wooden dinner table. There was an assortments of granny panties, boy shorts, french-cut panties, bikinis, and a few thongs. Nathan was uncertain as he looked at Wyatt staring at the female underwear.
"Why is there a pile of panties? I have bad feeling about this!"
“I gathered the underwear i wouldn't mind getting ruined this way when we are done I'll still have wearable pairs. And maybe you could wear one Nathan!”
Wyatt was still on the fence about the former bully's change, she was the girl who bullied him and his friend all their lives. Sadly Nathan was John Locke guy, who saw the best in everyone. Believing everyone is good inside.
“Okay... So you're not goin
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 18 5
Programming a Wedgie
Sophocles was sitting in his lab as Molayne walks into his lab. Sophocles was too focused on his computer to notice his cousin, Togedemaru was running on her wheel trying to give Charjabug more electricity. Molayne tiptoes behind his cousin, noticing that Sophocles orange waistband was peeking out of his sagging shorts. Molayne grabs the briefs’ waistband and yanks up the underwear to Sophocles mid back. "HEY CUZ! How ya doing Soffy?” “Gah! Big Mo! What are you doing!” Molayne kept pulling, “It's called a wedgie, Sophocles! It's just a little practical joke, this is because you beat my high score!” The briefs were up to Sophocles neck, he was squirming through the pain. “Quit it, Molayne! It hurts so much! The fiery sensation is as hot as Wela Volcano Park!” Molayne lifts his younger cousin by his Pikachu printed briefs, which has an orange trim, up into the air. Molayne looks for an open hook to hang Sophocles by, Molayne leaves Sophocle
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 10 8
Skeletor! by ThePokemonTeller Skeletor! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 10 2
Cartoon Briefs and The Locker Room
Hey I'm Nathanael Owens, I'm 11 years old. I'm also in freshman year of high school, people consider me a child prodigy, I skipped 3 years of middle school since I already knew all the information. I'm 4’’ 2’ with brown hair and I'm glad I didn't still have a bowl cut. I still wear briefs, they're extremely comfortable, even though the cool thing is to wear boxers. I hop out of my mom's silver sedan, the car glistened in the sun light, I pull out my schedule from my brown cargo short pocket. My schedule says that I have gym first period. I've heard from my best friend, Luke, that at the high school students have to change into gym clothes. I already had my gym shorts and my star wars t-shirt, I follow the map towards the locker rooms. I enter the locker room as the scent of moldy socks and axe deodorant fills my nose, I see a vacant locker near a grey bench. My cargo shorts start to slowly slide since I don't own a belt, I pull them up as 15 year olds stare me down, t
:iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 32 31
Chilling In Briefs With A Pastry! by ThePokemonTeller Chilling In Briefs With A Pastry! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 9 1 Pantsed! Featuring Tshir Hitsugaya! by ThePokemonTeller Pantsed! Featuring Tshir Hitsugaya! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 10 6 New Big Brother? by ThePokemonTeller New Big Brother? :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 14 15 Z-Move Training in Ya Underwear! by ThePokemonTeller Z-Move Training in Ya Underwear! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 27 19 Hero's Never Die! by ThePokemonTeller Hero's Never Die! :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 3 1 Chuck E. Cheese in Underwear  by ThePokemonTeller Chuck E. Cheese in Underwear :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 13 4 Cubone Mother's Day by ThePokemonTeller Cubone Mother's Day :iconthepokemonteller:ThePokemonTeller 16 3


22-06-2017 18-01-39 by Friendlysimmers 22-06-2017 18-01-39 :iconfriendlysimmers:Friendlysimmers 3 3 Gray by GR-R
Mature content
Gray :icongr-r:GR-R 9 5
Waiter by GR-R
Mature content
Waiter :icongr-r:GR-R 7 1
Luann Van Houten pulled into the driveway of Nelson Muntz's house, hoping to speak with his parents about bullying towards her child Milhouse.
She got out of her car and knocked on the door.
"Don't get your panties in a twist, I'll be right there." A scruffy feminine voice was heard saying.
Luann waited patiently by the door, it eventually opened to show a tall standing woman with beige hair, wearing fluffy slippers and a dark red with pink outlines robe which covered most of her upper body except for a little bit of cleavage.
"Yeah, what do you want?" The woman finally said.
"I'm the mother of one of the kids your child is constantly bullying, and I'd appreciate it if you'd kindly teach your kid some manners if you don't mind."
Mrs. Muntz wasn't really listening to the usual complaints about her child anymore, what caught her eye was a gleaming blue frilly waistband popping out of the blue haired woman with a bob cut's purple pants, which she tried to hide by attempts at pulling her w
:iconmemelord9001:memelord9001 8 5
Grumpylektross by Pawprint-Padding Grumpylektross :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 9 1 Environmentally Friendly Electric Padding by Pawprint-Padding Environmentally Friendly Electric Padding :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 12 3 Ask Oddwonz  42 (repost) by oddwonz
Mature content
Ask Oddwonz 42 (repost) :iconoddwonz:oddwonz 11 5
Daily Painting 1676# Sea Turtarium by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1676# Sea Turtarium :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,719 86 Psyched Up by Hedgey Psyched Up :iconhedgey:Hedgey 14 2 New Pokeball Pattern by Avionscreator New Pokeball Pattern :iconavionscreator:Avionscreator 3 0 Another Pokeball Pattern by Avionscreator Another Pokeball Pattern :iconavionscreator:Avionscreator 4 1 Sonic Wedgie Base by JAVA-MOCHA Sonic Wedgie Base :iconjava-mocha:JAVA-MOCHA 14 9 Good Or bad save by Cjrocker Good Or bad save :iconcjrocker:Cjrocker 36 9 Swampoof in Orange by Pawprint-Padding Swampoof in Orange :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 18 3 Samurott Sushi by Pawprint-Padding Samurott Sushi :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 21 6



Cooper Trooper!
I don't know, I should be sleeping. Shell less Koopa Trooper in briefs.
Anna knocks on the door of Nathan's house, she is greeted by a strange sight him in his underwear in a star wars shirt. "Hey, Anna!"

She blushes and raises a brow in confusion, "Hey Nathan..." She looks at him, "why aren't you wearing any pants?"

"Oh Sorry, when I'm at home I tend not to wear pants."

"Well, I guess that would make sense."

She walks into his house,

"Is you friend here already, Nathan? I'd like to meet them."

"Yeah, he's in the living room!"

"Is he wearing no pants, as well?"

She lets him lead her to the living room to meet his friend.

"Yeah, his name is Wyatt! Let me introduce him to you!"

She laughed and spotted another boy sitting on Nathan's couch, "Hi... I'm Anna..."

"Hey, I'm Wyatt! What so funny?"

"I apparently didn't get the memo of no pants to this little get-together." She snickered.

Nathan was embarrassed, "Oh My Bad, we try to get as comfortable as we can. Make yourself at home!"

She smiled at him, "Oh it's fine, Nathan! Comfort is important but I am going to keep my skirt on." She took a seat beside Wyatt, "So, Wyatt how long have you known Nathan?"

"Basically forever we've next door neighbors and best friends from the beginning! So Anna, tell us about yourself."

She blushed slightly from the embarrassment of the question, "I'm pretty much just your normal nerd. I own more comic books than I have friends and I have a mini replica of a clone trooper in my room."

Nathan pulls his Boba Fett bobble head from the table, "You could call me a big star wars fan, just check out my Boba Fett bobble head. I bought it recently from Newbury Comics!

She almost squealed, "Oh my! It's absolutely adorable! Oh man, I should have brought my tiny R2D2."

Wyatt was ready to roast episode 1, "C'mon guys, enough with the memorabilia and let's start watching!"

She nodded, "I agree with Wyatt let's get to watching the episode." She was slightly blushing. The door slammed open, as a cheerleader and her jock boyfriend walk in. Anna automatically moved closer to Nathan. The cheerleader laughed,

"Look, baby, it's a nerd fest in here!"

Wyatt rolled his eyes, "What do you want Sis'? Amy can you and your jock just let me Nathan watch a movie in peace!"

Amy the cheerleader walks up to her brother giving him a wet Willie, "Shut Up Baby Bro, Me and Maxy are bored so it would be fun to come terrorize you twerps and this nerdette!"

Anna sighed, she thought she had managed to avoid getting bullied but apparently not. the jock laughed,

"Then can we go make out and bully other kids, right babe?"

"What's the rush, Max. All these dweebs are watching star wars. Hey, Wyatt do you remember when you and Nathan would have mock lightsaber battle in the backyard, I still have the picture of you two in tighty whities wearing capes battling!"

Anna could see the embarrassment building up on both of the boy's faces. Anna shrugs, "I think it sounds kind of cute."

Max lifts up Nathan and Wyatt by their underwear, "You guys never change! You'll never be cool!"

Amy looks at Anna, "So what are you doing here nerdette? Are you Nathan on a date or something? You two are perfect for each other, you're both nerds and both scream when your underwear is yanked up!" Amy grabs Anna's granny panties creating a horrible wedgie.

Anna slowly began to panic when the boys were lifted up by their underwear. She bit her lip and waited for her fate. She squealed loudly when her panties forced themselves into her behind. Max laughed and kissed his girlfriend, "Nice one babe."

Amy was having the time of her life, "Thanks, Sweet Heart! Let's see who can get them into an atomic wedgie and Melvin first!"

"You're on babe." Max continued his assault on the boy's briefs, pulling hard with each bounce. Anna groaned and weakly kicked her legs. The Couple was pulling with their might trying to pull the underwear over the heads. Max ended up being the victor thanks to getting Wyatt's briefs over his head and snapped under the nose. Max dropped him and focused completely on Nathan before he got the briefs on his head as well. Anna was endured with the torture for a few more minutes until her panties covered her eyes.

Max rips clean off Nathan's underwear, however to continue the pain kicks him right in nuts. Nathan screams at the top of his lungs! Anna gasps and tried to get out of Amy's grip again, wanting to protect her friend.

"Leave him alone! Both of them!"

"Why is the nerdy girl trying to protect the dweebs? You're weaker than my dorky brother! You stand no chance!"

"Because that's what friends do, not that you would know anything about real friends. You can't possibly have friends when you're too busy sucking jughead's face all day." Anna wanted to get them both mad so Nathan and Wyatt had a chance to leave.

Amy turns to Anna ready to crush her spirits! "Say that to my face, you dork!”

Anna grinned, "You heard me.”

Amy began to inspect the granny panties that were in her hands.

“Really little bunnies, I thought Nathan's underwear was embarrassing!”

“There extremely comfortable!”

"They won't after I'm done with you!"

Anna tried to wiggle out of her grip to run off.

“There is no escape! Also, let me just on my Instagram you in your dweeb panties!”

Anna sighed and stopped fighting and deciding to take her fate.

"Just get it over with so you can leave us alone."

"Are you just giving up? So weak!”

"It's better than giving you the satisfaction of hurting me."

“You're pretty smart maybe I should wash away that smug smile! Swirly time!"

Anna's eyes widen, "Oh god..."

“I know where to swirly you so let's go, I'll just grab these bunnies panties and we'll be there!”

Anna squealed, but she knew if this just ended quickly, they could all go back to watching Star Wars.

"Well, Anna time to wash your hair!"

Amy stuffs Anna head in the toilet, she pours some shampoo in the toilet! Anna barely had any time to catch her breath before she was dunked into the toilet, she was never good at holding her breath. Amy laughs as she dunked Anna into the soapy water!

Anna was starting to feel dizzy from this constant dunking and flushing. she still managed not to let out another squeal still not wanting Anna to have any satisfaction.

“Just let me enjoy this Dweeberella!”

Anna shook her head, gargling out what would have been a no.

"Maybe if I tan your rump you'll feel the pain!"

Anna inwardly groaned, now she was in for a spanking. Amy drags her to Nathan's room and lays on the bed, Anna blushes as she laid on top of his bed. She was lost in thought her face only getting redder when she realized she was in his room. Amy spots a pair of Nathan's underwear drawer

“Maybe we should check out Nathan underwear!”

"No. I think you can handle my panties just fine."

“Why... Don't you have a crush on him or something?"

"I don't have a crush on Nathan..."

"That's a lie, sweetheart, I was awkward about asking Max out, also Nathan is like my brother!”

"How do I know you won't use whatever I tell you against me?"

"Really… this a different  type of topic it, it stays girl to girl!"

She moved hesitantly to sit up on the bed, "Well, this wasn't what I was expecting but yeah... I do have a small crush on him..."

“How cute!"

Anna shook her head, her cheeks now resembling two ripe tomato. "But I don't think he likes me back..."

“Do you want to have the night just with him?"

"I've been trying but every time I offer to hang out Wyatt comes too."

“Maybe we can make an arrangement!"

"What kind of arrangement?"

“Put on one of Nathan's underwear, and I'll wedgie you with them. And I'll take Wyatt away so you can have some time with Nathan.”

Anna bit her lip, "Only if it's not in front of Nathan."

“It will be in here! Once I've had my fun then you can have your "date".”

Anna nodded and stood up, "Deal."

“Okay! So grab on of tighty whities!”

Anna picked one of the ones off the top not caring what one of them. She quickly changed from her panties to his briefs. She definitely feels weird now.

“Aren't boys underwear strange?”

Anna nodded, "Totally strange. Thicker than my panties."

“What wedgie do you want first?”

Anna looked at her funny, "You're asking me what kind of wedgie I want? Why don't you just wedgie me until it is over me head or wait don't rip them they aren't mine."

“Just wanna hear your input “

"Just don't rip them."

“Rip huh?"

Amy grabs the underwear and starts pulling sharply bring the waistband to her neck in one pull! Anna yelped loudly and grabbed her butt in pain.

"That's more like it!"

Amy grabs the front and brings it to her nose, Anna groaned loudly as her crotch was assaulted.

“Maybe a squeaky clean will make it worse!”

Anna shook her head, "Please don't..."

“Do you want the date?"

Anna did want that date and who knows when she'll get another opportunity, "Oh fine..."

"Time for a flossing of a lifetime!"

Anna bit her lip and closed her eyes, once this wedgie was over she would soon get her date.

“Now that you don't try that hard that swirly would really help freshen you up!"

"You only said I'd have to take wedgies!"

“Potato, Tomato it's the same!”

"I'll be all wet..."

“And? You have clothes to change into I saw you brought a backpack.”

She thought for a moment, she does have an extra shirt and skirt in there. "Oh alright fine."

“Let's wash away some tears!"

She sighed and for a quick second wondered if this was worth it, but the thought of finally being alone with Nathan. After intense dunking, Amy let Anna out of the bathroom

Anna stumbled back about, shaking her hair, "Are we done?"

"Sure, where's your bag?"

"I set it on the couch when I first got here."

“Okay, I'll get it, stay here! Maybe dry off, feel free to explore Nathan's room! You might find something cute and embarrassing!"

Before she did any exploring she changed out of the briefs, covering herself with a towel, and hiding the briefs in the bottom of his laundry basket. She used another towel to dry off her hair as she looked around. The room covered with posters and a calendar, there were many knick knacks above a dresser with underwear sticking out from a drawer. She looked over and curiosity was getting the better of her. She walked over to it and opened the drawer. She almost squealed, look at all these cute briefs! There were Pokemon, Star Wars, Beyblade, tighty whities, colored briefs, boxer briefs and a couple of childish ones. Anna giggles, closing the drawer. She looked towards the door.

“What could be taking Amy so long?”

Amy Walks in throwing her the bag, Anna took out her clothes and looked at Amy, "Well, look away."

“Why? Are you that Uncomfortable and Shy and you won't be needing this skirt!"

Anna gasped, "Hey! Give that back!"


Amy blushed in embarrassment, "Why do you have to do this?"

“I'm a bully what can I say!"

"Please give back my skirt, it's the only one I have on me."

No, have fun spending time with your love just in your underwear!"

Anna frowned, pulling on an identical pair of bunny print panties, she yanks her shirt down to cover her. "I can't just be in my underwear... that's embarrassing..."

“What do you mean?"

Anna's face grew even redder, "He's a boy..."

“Yeah and..."

"I've never been pantsless in front of a boy on purpose..."

“Hey he's cute and won't mind, heck he spends his time at home just in his underwear.”

Anna sighed, "Fine, but how will you get rid of Wyatt?"

“He's my dorky little brother and if I tell him to go, he will if he knows what's good for him.”

"Alright let's head into the living room then..."

She stops pulling on her shirt, luckily it covered more than she expected. The girls arrive in the living room and Max is wedgeing Wyatt, Nathan was butt naked covering him genitals since his underwear was ripped off. Anna quickly looks away from the boys, blushing even worse. Nathan runs past her covering his manhood, Max puts Wyatt into a jock lock wedgie. Anna looks at Amy,

"Are you guys done with us yet?" Giving her a wink.

Amy was ready to leave, "C'mon babe, grab Wyatt and let's bounce!"

"Huh, why? Whatever you say, sweetheart!"

Anna inwardly cheered, moving to sit on the couch, pulling her shirt further across her lap, there she waited for Nathan to return. Nathan came down the stairs wearing Squirtle briefs,

"Hey Anna, where's Wy?

"I guess Amy wanted to take him with her, because Max was still bouncing him when they left."

"Okay, so wanna still watch Episode 1 or has the been too rough on you?"

"It has been rough but we can still watch the episode..."

Nathan puts his arm around Anna's shoulder, smiling at her. Anna blushed and shuffled a bit closer to him. Even is Amy was mean, she was grateful for her help to get Nathan alone. She would have NEVER done this is Wyatt was here.

"Hey, are you wearing panties covered in bunnies?"

She had forgotten about her skirt! She pulled her shirt to cover her panties. "A-Amy took my skirt..."

"There cute...I still have a really childish pair of Dinosaur briefs."

She stopped pulling on her shirt, "Really?"

Anna smiled, "I think that too. I'm glad we became friends."

"Hey wanna hear an embarrassing secret about Wyatt? Promise me you won't tell a soul!"

Anna giggled, "I promise!"

"Wyatt was a massive bedwetter and until he was age 10, he had to wear diapers."

Her eyes widen, "Really?"

"Yeah! It's true!

"Wow..." she tapped her chin, "Since you told something embarrassing about him you have to tell one about yourself!"

"Ummm... What do you want to know about?"

She hummed, "Do you have a crush on anybody? and be honest!"

"Uh Well..." Nathan phone rings interrupting his train of thought. Lexi was calling to talk to him.

Anna sighed, of course when she wanted to know her chances are always ruined, "You should probably pick up the phone."

"Yeah, Hey Lexi what's up? Um Okay... I'll see you Monday! Bye!"

Anna shuffled awkwardly, she will never get him to like her back at this rate.

"So what did you ask me, sorry?"

"I asked if you had a crush on anyone because you told me Wyatt's secret."

Umm...I'm not sure, how about you? who do you like?

Her face turned bright red, she started shaking her head fast, "N-no one!"


She looked away from him, trying to hide the red on her cheeks, "W-well maybe someone..."

"Who is it? I'm on the edge of my seat!"

Anna could lie but then he'll never know and she wants him to but she doesn't, ugh!! "I-I like.... uhh..." She mumbled very softly, "y-you..."

"You like me? Oh..."

She curls up into a ball in the corner of the couch, trying to see if she could be swallowed whole.

"Anna? I didn't know you felt that way..."

"Everyone else has noticed..."

"Really like who?"

"Amy, most of our bullies, and I'm pretty sure Wyatt has noticed too."

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner, I sorta like you two!"

She uncurled from her all, only to stare at him, "You... do..?"

"Yeah, you're a dynamite girl!"

She giggled and smiled wide, throwing her arms around him in a hug.

"So are we a couple?"

She blushed, and pulled back to look at him, "If you want to be..."

“It's up to you!"

She nods, "I would love to be your girlfriend."

Wyatt opens the door, walking just in his underwear and a shirt. "Hey what did I Miss?"

Anna moved away from Nathan, pulling her shirt down slightly, "I um... I Nathan and I... are.... um..."

"Hey Diaper Boy!"

Anna giggled, "Don't be mean, Nathan."

Wyatt was shocked, "We made a deal not mention that!"

"Sorry Wy!"

"It's okay Wyatt, if he didn't tell me, Nathan and I wouldn't be... um..." he blushed, "Dating..."

"Wait you guys are a couple? What the heck! I thought we were Bros. before ho-!”

"You think I'm a... a..." She stared at him, "hoe....?"

"No, No, No it the only thing that rhymes with bro, I'm sorry!"

"But you do think that since I'm dating Nathan that I'll take him away?"

"Of course not, I've met you and your not that kinda of person! Please don't blackmail me with my secret!"

"Why would I blackmail you with your secret? What could I possibly gain? I'm already dating Nathan."

"Okay, Please don't tell anyone! If this gets out I'll be bullied even more!"

"Again, I have no reason to tell anyone."

"So wanna keep watching the movie or do you want someone alone time?


"Wait that reminds me!" Wyatt runs to Nathan's room and comes back tossing him his pair of dinosaur undies.

"Ummm, why did you bring out his dino briefs?"

"Hey If I'm getting embarrassed so should he, now put them on! You can match your girlfriend in the bunny panties!

"H-hey! Stop being mean, I already know about the briefs."

"Anna it's not being mean we're best friends, we bug each other a lot!"

She huffed and looked away so Nathan had some privacy.

"There happy Diaper boy?"

Nathan stood up, his t-shirt barely covered the white briefs cover in little dinosaurs. Anna looked over and smiled, "Well I think they're cute."

"Thanks, Anna! Shall we keep watching?"

"Alone or with Wyatt here?"

"How about just me and you!"

"I'd like that a lot."
Mascot Gone Digital!
Hey Folks just got my Mascot Digitalized by EigdewK ! All credit goes to him for digitalizing my original pic! So, Yeah go check him out, my favorite is…
Hey M8s! I'll be reaching my 1 year anniversary soon! So I'll be doing more requests! All my artwork is in traditional style with pen and paper! I may procrastinate but it will get done! Thx for the support M8s! If you want a colored picture than it will cost me more time at the price of $0.00 or 0 points! Who else wants a drawing? This is only for Loyal Watchers, not just for people to watch then leave once their art is done. Remember I'm still a high school student so don't over work me, so if the job seems to difficult. Don't be offend if I deny it, I'm human too! I can draw Pokemon, Yo Kai Watch, Male and female characters (I prefer male), and many more. If you are unsure just ask! But before I start any new ones, I must finish Chistoso-TheJoke request from 6 months ago! Don't be alarmed, its just taken me some time to plan it! I try to get my work ASAP. If you want a request, please leave it in comments it makes my life easier!


ThePokemonTeller's Profile Picture
The Pokemon Teller
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey M8s, I'm The Pokemon Teller! Thanks for Stopping By! I Write and Traditional art! I work with Wedgies, Underwear and soon Diapers! I prefer male wedgies! Let's see... I do Requests! I'll attempt to draw what you would like, but I will turn things if they don't follow my morals!



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